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This post is not about a houseplant, but

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

look how much she's grown! 😊

As we've seen, the whole world can change in a year. Mine certainly has.

Lina, the dieffenbachia, is the second house plant I ever purchased for myself (first being a dracaena fragrans/ corn plant) and my love for her grows daily. I found Lina in a clay pot at the grocery store less than two weeks after switching from 100% in-person to 100% remote work (in March, in West Virginia).

I desperately desired greenery and she fit into my life/ on my desk perfectly.

This photo was taken July 24, 2020. ⤵

At that time….

  • Professionally, I was stressed, uncertain, and navigating incredible challenges that included employee performance issues and leading a remote team during a pandemic.

  • Emotionally, I felt enraged with the world, confused, misunderstood, and exhausted from fighting.

  • Socially, I was pretty isolated, which was, admittedly, mostly by choice.

  • Romantically, I was so hopeful - yet stubborn in my relationship.

It was, overall, a very trying period of time that significantly tested my strength.

I took several deep breaths in my awareness and decided to look inward.

I needed to rest. I needed support. I needed to channel my energy, clarify my voice, take deliberate action + remove anyone unsupportive of my path.

In the field of psychology, it's referred to as "setting emotional boundaries," but I believe Jay Rock said it most eloquently when he spoke the words, "You either with me or against me ho." 🤷🏽‍♀️

And, that's the whooole vibe.

I remembered who I was and stopped accepting less.

Between last July and now, I have learned and accomplished more than I ever thought possible in such a period of time.

🌱I am a new member of several organizations whose priorities closely align with mine - with focuses including women in leadership positions, "diversity" initiatives, climate adaptation, and health + wellbeing.

🌱I gained a phenomenal support network of (mostly) women from incredibly diverse professional, social, and ethnic backgrounds all over the globe.

🌱I reduced my student loan debt - by a LOT. (Could still use that $10K+ forgiveness, Biden, but that's a future post!)

🌱I earned a certificate in Climate Change and Health that opened me up to a world of knowledge, helped boost my confidence, and encouraged me to define my climate voice.

🌱I have deepened my understanding and admiration of astrology, astrophysics, agriculture, biology, wealth management, energy, crystal healing, and manifestation.

🌱Bruh, I stopped drinking.

(Those who knew the old me could be shocked) but, honestly... It's fun not drinking!

I feel powerful in my "no" and it's peculiarly similar to the power I have in being vegan - I just feel peacefully enlightened. Not to mention, I save a ridiculous amount of money and I feel like I'm helping save the planet (no more wine and Bacardi bottles!) My carbon footprint has decreased and my bank account has increased. Plus, my body LOVES it.

🌱I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 ½ years. He moved in last August (2020) and moved out at the end of March (2021). It was genuinely the hardest breakup of my life - bittersweet because we truly have nothing but unconditional love for one another. I had to learn, though, how to love with detachment and to trust myself. The experience tested my maturity and I am immeasurably grateful for our time together.

Ultimately, I feel like a beautifully new woman, yet I really just feel like the same me - shedding my old ways of dressing her up, being fully whole in all of my essence.

And, not that I’m competing with a house plant, but we both have done a considerable amount of growing this year!

This photo was taken July 19, 2021. ⤵

These days...

  • Professionally, I still get stressed, but I feel increasingly confident in my purpose while navigating unique challenges.

  • Emotionally, I am calm, practicing patience, and allowing myself to be vulnerable.

  • Socially, I am surrounded by carefully selected energies on a very intentional basis - and I love it!

  • Romantically, though my perspective has changed, I am still hopeful.

I am strong, aligned, and (like Lina) growing absolutely wild.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and explore my site.

May you have the courage to liberate yourself.

Be well.




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