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Levels of Liberation

Personal healing.

Your safety, health, and wellbeing are important. You deserve a robust life in which you have the ability to thrive in all aspects, you feel free to be your full self, and you have the ability to pursue your purpose.

Community healing.

Your community's safety, health, and wellbeing are important. Your colleagues and neighbors deserve robust lives in which they have the opportunity to thrive in all aspects and feel free to be authentically themselves.

Mother Earth healing.

The Earth's safety, health, and wellbeing are important. It is a gift - and pivotal moment in our existence - that we have the chance to reroute the course, heal + regenerate our only home, creating a planet where all humans can thrive + feel free.


Your liberation is supported.

What's the practice:

(what we're about)

Holistic wellness.

The word "health” is derived from the word “wholeness” - we believe that's the foundation to a thriving life. We cannot truly feel 'healthy' if our self-care regimen is incomplete or not wholly inclusive of the reality of day to day life. We cannot truly thrive if another being is suffering as a result. Together, we'll get curious about how wellness is impacted by nutrition, physical routines, emotions, personal energy processing, community interactions, surrounding (and changing) environments, finances + security.

What's the goal:

(what we're doing)

Healing humans + Mother Earth.

We can support you in...

  • living in authentic alignment

  • forging loving, honest relationships

  • establishing respectful boundaries

  • focusing energy to achieve meaningful goals

  • advocating for yourself + others

  • expressing your climate justice voice

  • creating a financial abundance mindset

  • taking direct action to manifest your dreams

"... it's time to write a new story. I cannot heal my community or myself without healing the planet; and we cannot save the planet without healing injustice."

Favianna Rodriguez

What're the methods:

(how we're doing it)

Compassionate education

  • Thrive (blog) posts

  • Resource sharing - see below!

  • Wellness events + workshops *coming soon!*

Plant-based nutrition

  • Informative social content

  • Vegan research + recipes


  • Downloadable mantra worksheets  - under the Abundance (shop) tab!

  • 1:1 Empowerment coaching sessions with Certified Trauma-Informed Empowerment Educator + Coach

  • Individual + group meditation practices *coming soon!*

Environmental justice

  • Support in understanding EJ policies + contacting elected officials

  • Storytelling and promotion of historically excluded voices

  • Community building through intentional + impactful events *coming soon!*


Take what you need...

Liberation in Action

Personal Healing Action Item:

Practice Meditation

Personal Healing Action Item:

Expand Your Mind

Community Healing Action Item:

Explore Organizations

Community Healing Action Item:

Expand Your Mind

Mother Earth Healing Action Item:

Research Resilience

What are the climate projections for your county and what adaptation plans exist? Do you know how susceptible your community is to risk?

Mother Earth Healing Action Item:

Expand Your Mind

"Courage is the resolve to do well without assurance of a happy ending."

Kate Marvel

Climate Scientist + Writer

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