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She Liberated.


Hi, lovely! I'm Jasmine.

Climate Healer
Certified Trauma-Informed Empowerment Educator
+ Creator of Liberated Wellness

My pronouns are she/ her. I am a proud Black, biracial, people-loving (queer), feminist, vegan, yogi from Columbia, Maryland. I spent 10.5 years in Morgantown, West Virginia and finally left to pursue my dreams in Long Beach, California!

So far on this planet, I have experienced abundantly high highs and incredibly low lows.

I burned out at 23 years old and decided to completely change my life as a result.

I cut out major chemicals - started creating my own face and body scrubs. I fully transitioned to a plant-based diet for my health and for the benefit of the planet. Taking ownership of my finances, I cut my student loan debt in half. I started practicing mindfulness in 2017 and now have an hour-long daily morning yoga practice. I create a mantra for myself everyday. I helped quell my climate anxiety by taking direct action - contacting my elected officials weekly, joining solution-oriented organizations, and increasing my knowledge through continuing education.

In addition to my degree in marketing, I now hold certificates in:

  • Climate Change and Health, Yale School of Public Health

  • Climate Change and Society, South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center

  • Trauma-Informed Spiritual Awakening, The Energetic Revolution

  • Budtending, Oaksterdam University

Essentially, I woke the hell up and intentionally redirected my energy because I honestly believe that plants (and love) can heal the world from all of our converging crises.

Recognizing that my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health are all interconnected with this Universe, I created Liberated Wellness because I needed to free myself + my community. I needed a space where I could show up + be my full, dynamic, queer, beautifully messy self on her mission of healing the world. And, of course, I'm still learning. But what I've learned above all else is that authenticity, consistently, is the key to freedom.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and explore my site. I'm absolutely thrilled you're here!

May you have the courage to liberate yourself.

Be well.




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