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be brave with your life ✨

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Author's Note: Pictured above is my Entrepreneurial Manifestation notebook with two pieces of purple fluorite (spirituality + focus). The following post was originally hand-written in the "thoughts + feelings/ success + lessons" section of said notebook on July 15, 2018.

Sometimes I feel too much.

I feel like I'm too emotional, too connected to life, and too spiritual.

I sense people's beings and feel their energies.

I want to uncover their hidden truths and most authentic selves.

I want to be a light for everyone and help them live their best life.

I've been on a few dates with different people lately, have been communicating with several folks, and through these interactions I've felt only a part of myself was being seen or accepted. I've never felt more myself or connected with my whole being as I do in this moment. Each day I'm learning and discovering so much about my capabilities and capacity for love, kindness, and forgiveness. When I feel that so deeply on a consistent basis and then interact with people who don't see or don't care to see, it can be hurtful. I want to share my gifts and spread love, but when someone rejects this, I start to feel sad... Am I too much?

Part of me wants companionship, fun, lighthearted adventures. Things don't have to be consistently heavy. But another part needs to be full. I need to be my whole self, which includes a deeply emotional side. I don't necessarily need someone to match that, but to just say, "Yes, I see you. I feel you. And, I accept you."

I want to be soothed by the Universe, know that my existence at this time and in this space is intentional. I am alive for a reason. My purpose will not make sense to everyone, but I know. I know my value. I know my worth. I know why I'm here and all of the beautiful and nurturing gifts I have to offer.

I greet myself with kindness. In certain circles, I may be the only one to do so, but I love myself so much. This love grows daily. I'm so cool! I'm honestly surprised sometimes by my growth - not because I didn't think I could grow, but because I am doing things and viewing life through a lens I didn't even know existed. This version of myself never even existed in my dreams, and yet here I am. Following my compass over maps and doing what makes me feel good. Removing toxicity from my life and creating space for love, joy, abundance and acceptance of self. I am not too much! I am EVERYTHING. And I love it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and explore my site.

May you have the courage to liberate yourself.

Be well.




#bebrave #manifest

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